mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

I've got a spork.

Marshall Flinkman

[Marshall has accidentally shot a man; they need the man's eyes for a retinal scan. Marshall digs into one eye with a letter opener
Agent Marshall Flinkman: Oh god. It's oozing. It's oozing everywhere, sir. 
Agent Jack Bristow: [via cell phone] That means you've ruptured the macula. The eye is useless, abandon it. Approach the second one gently, like a soft-boiled egg. You're going to need a digging instrument to assist with this. 
Agent Marshall Flinkman: [looks in a drawer] I've got a spork
Agent Jack Bristow: [bewildered] What's a spork? 
Agent Marshall Flinkman: It's like a half-spoon... half-fork, will that do? 
Agent Jack Bristow: That will work. 

Alias - season 4, episode 13

2 commenti:

  1. Ho adorato Alias. E le spiegazioni di Marshall erano le mie parti preferite all'interno dell'episodio!

    1. Non parlarmene, io la sto riguardando dall'inizio!
      Marshall mi fa impazzire, oggi ho dovuto fermare la puntata perché non la smettevo più di ridere :)